I cleaned my refrigerator yesterday. Oh, dear. There were unspeakably old things taking up space in there… like that huge jar of pickles with one pickle left. Did I buy that within this decade? The clean fridge will get crammed up again, but for now I can enjoy the fresh experience.

Our energy fields get all cluttered up, as well. We may or may not realize when we pick up other people’s energy and store it for years. Here are three techniques that work quickly and effectively to clear out that energetic clutter and restore clarity.

When I was first opening up to spiritual awareness, I would walk through a restaurant and feel everyone’s feelings. That person was sad. That one was angry. Those guys were totally in love. I remember plopping back down at my table and feeling totally overwhelmed. I placed both palms on the table and felt a whoosh of energy flow out of me and into the table and then to the floor and then into the ground. What a huge relief! My husband, Phil, noticed the remarkable shift in me and asked me what I had done. He tried it and he also felt a huge whoosh of energy discharge.

I call it The Psychic Flush. Here’s the process:

  1. Rub your hands together really, really fast to build up the energy there.
  2. Place both palms on an object like a table, a door frame, or a rock or tree. You will feel a whoosh of energy flow out of you. This does not diminish you, but rather instantly discharges excess, unneeded, useless clutter. As a kid, my brother and I would shuffle across the carpet and zap each other with the static. It’s kind of like that — a discharge of energy.

The Psychic Flush works especially well if you place your palms on wood because wood has the energetic construct of roots deep into the ground and branches reaching up into the heavens, grounding us and connecting us to Divine Source, whatever that may be for you.

The second process I call Cancel-Cancel. Super simple and super easy. Cancel-Cancel is a great technique to derail negative thinking that plummets one down that spiral into the abysmal pit of negativity. It works for when I find myself criticizing what I’ve said or done, or remembering something someone else has said or done that made me feel less than or not good enough. Boy, I just cannot give that kind of thinking a moment’s foothold in my brain.

Here’s the process to short circuit negative thinking:

  1. Tap ring finger and thumb together twice, using both hands, while you say the word Cancel. Cancel-Cancel. In palmistry, the ring finger signifies emotions, and the thumb signifies the will or intent. This process helps us to honor the feeling and shift the intent to more positive things.
  2. Replace that thinking with something else. I say, “She did what she could” (from Mark 14:8, which tells the story of a woman being criticized and Jesus standing up for her). It reminds me that I can only do my best. Even if it’s not perfect, it’s enough. I am enough!

The third process came to me after I’d been working all day on the computer. I had to get to a spiritual class I was teaching in an hour, and all that technical stuff was making me feel disconnected. I thought I’d better stretch and see if I could shift gears quickly. As I stood in the center of my office, I noticed the carpeted floor to ground myself. I reached my awareness heavenward to connect in. As I did so, I noticed my hands filling up with energy! So much energy that they felt like giant scoops. I thought, what the heck, I’ll just scoop out all that frustration with the computer stuff out of my aura. I scooped behind and around my legs with one hand then with the other. Both hands were covered with sticky energy, so I wadded it up into a ball and threw it into the ground in front of me and swept of my hands to get the rest of the sticky stuff off.

My hands filled again with energy, and I used the scoops to clear around the middle part of my body and tossed that energy into the ground. I repeated the process once more and swept through my aura around my head then ditched the energy. That didn’t quite feel like enough, so I bent my knees a bit and found myself touching the backs of my hands together with the fingertips pointing to the Earth. I slowly straightened up. As I did so, the energy in my hands rebalanced my whole body from my feet up. As my hands opened up over my head, I began a slow inhale.

My hands filled again with energy, and I opened my arms out to my sides palms up and said, “Ahhhh.” A rainbow of energy went from one hand to the next and over my head. I felt not only clear, but totally energized and Divinely connected. I call this Aura Sweep. Here are the steps:

  1. Notice the ground and connect into Divine Source. You could say a prayer here if you’d like.
  2. Open your hands and feel the energy flow to you and fill your hands and the space around your hands.
  3. Use your hands as a scoop to scoop out cluttered energy.
  4. Toss energy into the Earth and sweep off your hands. You could mentally create a spiritual fire in front of you and toss the unwanted energy into the fire.
  5. Refill hands and repeat the process for the mid-body. Toss excess energy. Sweep off hands.
  6. Refill hands and repeat the process around the head.
  7. Bend over, knees slightly bent, with backs of hands together in front of you.
  8. Slowly straighten up and notice your hands clearing all your energy channels all the way up your body.
  9. Open your hands heavenward, then inhale and bring them down to waist height.
  10. Notice the energy flowing from one hand over your head to the other hand and back again. “Ahhhhhh!” Enjoy the feeling!

Janice Lynch is a minister and Psychic-Medium at thedivinefellowship.com