Tumbleweird is a community-driven paper. That means you — yes, you — are invited to contribute content for publication which aligns with our purpose. (All content is considered by Tumbleweird Editorial staff based on its alignment with this purpose.)

The nefarious agenda behind it all

Critics say Tumbleweird has an ‘agenda’. They’re right. Here's our purpose:

Tumbleweird exists to bring together a more diverse, creative, and progressive community than Eastern Washington gets credit for, in order to connect, highlight, and encourage the betterment of our area.
We do this by publishing a community-driven paper that uncovers the region’s true identity in a way that’s always positive, often irreverent, and never timid.
We serve the truly powerful: the underdogs, the misfits, the outsiders, the newcomers, those on the margins, and the ones who defy the status quo. We aren’t beholden to advertisers or authorities.

Our team

We’re a little unstructured about the way we do things, but these are roughly some of the key roles that some of the people play.

  • Publishers — Sarah & Adam Avenir
  • Tumbleweird Editor-in-Chief — Sara Quinn
  • Ads & Distribution — Brendan Quinn
  • Cover Editor — Sarah Avenir
  • News Editor — Adam Avenir
  • Events Editor — Ellicia Elliott
  • Opinion Editor — Ted Miller
  • Visual Art Editor — Ashleigh Rogers
  • Web & Layout — Liam Bray

Tumbleweird also boasts a long list of diverse advisors and contributors who round out the perspective of our publication with their generous contributions month after month. It simply would not exist without them.

Always local

Our highest priority content is locally oriented. Sometimes we cover topics which have resonance in national political dialogue, but for the most part we try to request contributors keep focused on local issues.

How we cover news

Our news content often arises from a desire from members of the Tumbleweird staff and community to shine a light on issues that have been covered inadequately in local media, or where an aspect of the story is missing from the discussion.

We believe in transparency and accuracy in our reporting. We believe that impartial objectivity is a myth which supports a heavily weighted and biased status quo which serves those in positions of power and privilege. We are always eager to be held accountable for any inaccuracy in news pieces we publish.

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