As the weather continues to warm up and the energy of the season becomes busier and more active, it feels like a key time to take a break and celebrate something. As tough as the world can be, it is important to remember that finding joy is a beautiful act of resistance to the trials we, as humans, experience. 

It is for this reason that the theme of this month’s Pick-a-Card reading is: “What do you need to celebrate?”

To participate, take a few moments and center yourself with some deep breaths. When you are ready, ask yourself to be drawn to the message you need to hear. You can be drawn to more than one! Either let your eyes drift to the section that feels right, think of a number (one, two, or three) and read the corresponding message, or read the whole thing and see what sticks out. 

As always, this is just the beginning. I recommend journaling or meditating further to deepen the message and personalize it to your life. Good luck, and have a wonderful July!


The Page of Wands is usually a very active messenger, bringing high energy and news regarding creative projects, passions, spirituality, and the human spirit. With this one being in the reversed position, it would seem that if you have been drawn to this card, you may be experiencing some significant burnout that is preventing you from seeing your way through some challenges. One factor that is working against you right now is that you are not taking time to celebrate your small wins, especially the ones you are still judging yourself for. The Pages represent youth and inexperience, so you could be suffering from a perfectionist mindset that is keeping you from realizing how much of your efforts are worth celebrating!

You will struggle to make progress if you keep expecting yourself to get everything right immediately. It is important that you allow yourself to find celebration and joy, even if just in the small moments. Don’t rush to become an expert or the best at something; start with what you have and know right now, and keep growing. You don’t want to take this time in your life for granted; it is a good thing to have more to learn.

Now is a good time to reflect on where you are extra hard on yourself, and where in your life you may be letting perfectionism hold you back from experiencing happiness and the feelings of accomplishment that you deserve. Let yourself have the spirit of a child occasionally — be curious and ready to learn.


The Five of Cups is a card of grief, sadness, disappointment, and loss. This may seem like a strange message to get regarding what you need to celebrate, but there is another layer to this card. In the traditional image, it shows a figure looking mournfully at three spilled cups while two perfectly good and full cups stand behind them. This card brings a message of finding comfort in knowing that you are not completely alone or without support. Those cups will be there — not as a replacement for the three that spilled, but as their own resource.

As for what you need to be celebrating, this card reminds us that it is okay if some positive emotions are difficult to feel at the moment. Perhaps they come with guilt, or they don’t seem to be there at all. Regardless, this message invites you to take some time to intentionally seek out those small moments of joy. A good cup of tea, a refreshing shower, the way the wind chimes sound in the afternoon — these are all examples of small things that may need your attention and mindfulness. 

Take some time to exercise some radical acceptance for where you are emotionally right now, and know that you do not need to be done grieving in order to find joy (nor does finding moments of joy mean that you are ‘over’ your grief). Celebrate in the ways that you can, and accept whatever comes of that celebration.


The Death card is one of those cards that makes many people nervous. While it can be intimidating, it is an important message of rebirth and transformation.Those who were drawn to this card may have experienced an intense ending recently, or this may be a theme that is felt repeatedly at the moment. The ending may be something you knew would happen, and it might even be something you welcome; but if it is sudden and unexpected, it might be difficult to navigate. Either way, this is a moment that is meant to work for you.

With these endings and shifts, you are being asked to celebrate yourself for getting through them in addition to celebrating what the shift is changing for you. Express gratitude for what is leaving, and the lessons you are gaining from it. At the same time, keep preparing for the process of rebirth. 

This has not been an easy process for you, nor should it be. Honor your efforts and how hard you have worked to grow through this, and celebrate the ending and new beginning that is here for you. This card is upright, which usually indicates that those who go through this transformation will benefit greatly from the changes it brings from within them.

Jae Melland is a tarot, rune, and palm reader located in Pasco WA. You can reach her at for a reading or see her at her shop, Luna Apothecary in Pasco.