Download Volume 5 issue 11 here.

"Since 2020 has been so full of stress, strife, and fragmentation I thought it might be nice to turn our attention, if only for a moment, toward something tranquil that shows our interconnection. For residents of the Tri-Cities, bridges are a natural symbol of unity. The Blue Bridge (the Pioneer Memorial Bridge, officially) is our oldest existing road bridge, having been completed in 1954, whereas the Cable Bridge (the Ed Hendler Bridge) was finished in 1978 and the Interstate 182 Bridge (the Lee-Volpentest Bridges) in 1984.

This image of the Blue Bridge was made with MagicaVoxel, a voxel art editor and path tracing renderer. The rendering uses modified depth of field, an effect similar to that achieved through use of a tilt-shift lens in the opening sequence of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood."

— Henry Hopscotch