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"TUMBLEWEIRD, JULY 2024; EL VUELO INFORMATIVO" Painting of 2 ghostly ladies playing music in the forest

This issue has a EVERYTHING... (hee hee!)

  • Brendan Quinn begins a series on Game Mastering that you shouldn't miss!
  • Anyla McDonald talks about racial cruelty in schools and what you can do to inform yourself!
  • And our feature story this month—'A tale of two festivals'—dives into what happened with Tri Town Get Down and Battle Vest Fest!

Plus, El Vuelo Informativo contemplates the history and future of the Latino vote, and Sara Ochoa advises parents about how to talk to their kids about fentanyl.

We also have the regular awesomesauce:

  • The monthly Crossweird
  • Stories, poems, and art
  • Community events
  • And more!

About the cover:

Forest Music by Erika Rae Heins

Forest Music is a painting from my brand-new Afterlives series, original illustrations that focus on the interplay between life and death, exploring stories where endings are
actually beginnings. 

You can find the full painting and the rest of my work on Etsy at, and at many fan conventions and similar events in Washington and Oregon.

July is also Disability Pride Month. I made a little thing for it 💜

Disability Pride flag background; "DISABLED IS NOT A BAD WORD" with two flowers—1 with wheelchair symbol and 1 with infinity symbol

Feel free to copy and share!

Thank you everyone who gives what they can to keep us going.

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Special thanks to Inatai Foundation for all the justice and equity work they do, and their support that helps us keep doing the work that we do.