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Hello, world!

It's PRIDE month again, and this year, I'm happy to see more thoughtful inclusion in the Tri-Cities Pride events. Our wonderful community is becoming more mindful of the intersectional identities making up the beautiful tapestry that is US!


About the cover:

Love Wild by Shannan Julson

I wanted to create all the feelings that I've experienced on my journey of accepting who I am. Everything from loose ends, confusion, and growth flowing over and through the heart.

I hope there are some that see the love and care this was drawn with. The other inspiration was: How do I represent something that we all relate to? I think that as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, it's more important now then ever before to acknowledge we need each other.

One of the ways to do this is to find a common ground to bind us. If you look at a heart, it's just a heart... but look deeper, and it's the driving force behind life that we all need, no matter the label we put on it.

I'm honored to do the cover for Pride month. It truly means something. It's about remembering. It's about celebration. It's about looking forward… it's about loving wild.

Happy Pride, People!!



Cartoon of a wrestler in a luchador mask in the air about to land on another wrestler inside the ring
Francisco Jaubert

This month, El Vuelo Informativo is dedicated to la LUCHA!

Be sure to read up on the amazing history of the 'Luchadores exóticos' and learn how they changed the face of wrestling while bringing about a new era of acceptance for the LGBTQIA+ community!

Check out El Vuelo Informativo inside the issue, brought to you by our wonderful partners at Alcon Media, LLC.

Tri-Cities Timeline

As promised, we are looking further into the tragic events that led to (and culminated in) the shooting on April 22. One of our incredible community members set up to help clarify where there were failures in the system, and we are supporting that effort.

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