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About the cover

Cover artist Sara Quinn:

I created this pixel art piece because, with all the respiratory issues from COVID-19, and the smoke that’s been so oppressive lately, and the protests sparked by the brutal murder of George Floyd... breathing is definitely on our minds.
But I also wanted to illustrate the hope that’s blooming inside of us.

You can see more of Sara’s pixel art on Twitter: @SquidAndCrow election guide

Tumbleweird and Tri-Cities Daily are participating in a community-driven effort to create a non-partisan voter’s guide for local/regional elections.

Last year’s guide was well received—particularly the graphic we created that visualized candidates’ stances on issues in relation to a number
of statements.

This year’s set of issues were defined by the community, as well as
candidates who answered Tumbleweird’s primary questionnaire regarding what they feel are the top issues for their position in the
2020 election.

We will be continuing to add more information to regarding candidates as the election draws nearer. The November issue of Tumbleweird will be released mid-October and will include a print version of this guide as a companion to the website.

Visit and share it with friends and family and pick up a copy of next month’s Tumbleweird.