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"TUMBLEWEIRD: VOLUME 9, ISSUE 4β€”APRIL 2024" Abstract drippy background with a skeletal tree and large eye.

It's Earth Month, and on April 20th, The REACH Museum has Earth Day activities from 12–4. This issue of TUMBLEWEIRD has a centerfold pullout created by Sustainable Tri-Cities and Citizens Climate Lobby for the occasion!

We invite you to check out these local environmental advocacy groups and see how you can get involved. 🌍

This is also the third issue of El Vuelo Informativo, brought to you by our amazing partners at Alcon Media, LLC.

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About the cover:

Sky Eye by Grace Calibo

β€œThis piece was done in the midst of a set of paintings which took up all my available brain and creativity. I'd hit a bit of a wall. And so, when art-blocked, go back to basics. For me, that means trees and eyes. Thankfully the result was cover-worthy and something I hope you enjoy looking at!”

Grace is a self taught artist from the Tri-Cities. Find more from her at or on Instagram @gcjaidee.

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