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"TUMBLEWEIRD: TRI-CITIES, WA & SURROUNDING AREA * POSITIVELY WEIRD, NEVER TIMID; VOLUME 7, ISSUE 6: JUNE 2022". Image shows a cow skull with a Frida Kahlo-like flower crown, and the words "LOVE LOUD"

Rainbow Frida by Shannan Julson

Facebook: @shannan.julson

β€œI'm thrilled and honored to do the cover for the June Tumbleweird. It's Pride month... it seemed fitting that a Frida skull make an appearance.

This piece represents the things hidden and the things in plain sight. We wrap ourselves in the safety of words (or hurt of them) depending on our world view and we forget they are just words... actions speak louder than words. Pride is about action. Gather together. Be fearless. Be authentic, bare-boned, and beautiful. Be loud. Love loud... Drown them out. Happy Pride!”

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