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"TUMBLEWEIRD, VOLUME 7, ISSUE 7 – JULY 2022" . Image shows a woman's body looking like the board game Operation, with a man's hand holding the tweezer things like the board game has. The Operation-style parts on the woman include: Title IX, Cries for help, Domestic violence, Emotional labor, Maternity leave, Equal pay for equal work, Right to vote, Right to education, Property rights, One step forward Two steps back, and Her choice.

Her Choice by Adam Whittier

“For the past two years, I have drawn (almost) monthly cartoons for Tumbleweird that highlight local and regional topics. This is my first cover for the paper and I am honored that they asked me to draw it.

This illustration is a parody of the classic Operation! board game. It addresses the current threat to Roe vs. Wade and depicts other hard-won rights that women could lose (or still have yet to win). Above all, I wanted the drawing to feel wrong — an invasion by unseen others of one’s own volition and autonomy."

See more of Adam's work at, or on Instagram @whittier_comix.

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