Download July 2020 issue here. Want your own copy? Find us in print at Adventures Underground, Green2Go, Green2Go Wellness, Tommy's Taphouse, and The Local.

The incredible cover art was created by Jaime Robles (Instagram: @drawnbyjaime), featuring Daishaundra Loving-Hearne and Bryan Hearne, based on a photo by Madison Rosenbaum.

Jaime says:

My intention with this issue’s cover was to create something that reflects the hope I feel that comes from the Black Lives Matter movement, but also the power and importance of disobedience when standing up to an unjust power and those that practice racism.
It was an honor to be able to include Daishaundra and Bryan Hearne, both of whom are doing amazing things in our community.
This illustration was created using Kyle T. Webster’s “Black Lives Matter” brush, ( All donations go to relevant groups and nonprofits (although it is worth mentioning that the fundraiser for the brush is now closed).