Download Tumbleweird volume 6, issue 8

You can still register to vote!

There are so many positions up for election this year. We're counting on you!!!

Tumbleweird sent a questionnaire out to candidates in the primary elections. Candidates are listed by position in alphabetic order.

We sent every candidate in the Tri-Cities who is in the primary elections for School Board and City Council the questionnaire, and we are printing every answer we received. We have not edited the candidates’ answers in any manner.

We are in the process of creating an online voter’s guide for the upcoming elections in November, so stay tuned!

The beaded, floral medallion is by artist Phinney Brown: Coyote & Crane

Phinney Brown is an Indigenous artist of Coeur D’Alene descent. She uses traditional materials and methods to create unique, modern, wearable art.

Thank you to our top sponsors: Steve Lee and &yet! ❤️

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