With the summer in full swing, for this month’s pick-a-card reading, we will be focusing on a specific question: “What area of my life needs to take the heat?” This reading will shine some light on where you need to be putting more active attention, which can be especially helpful if you have been feeling distracted — trying to tend to everything at once. This is meant to help us all prioritize our energy, not drum up more of it; so make sure not to leap into a mindset that pushes you too much.To get your message, close your eyes and take a few centering breaths before choosing. Ask yourself, “Where do I need to be prioritizing my energy this month?” and let your intuition guide you to the message you are meant to receive. You can do this by letting your eyes wander to what you feel pulled to read, by seeing which image you’re drawn to, or by thinking of a number (one, two, or three) and reading the corresponding message. Remember that this reading is just the beginning, so feel free to journal or meditate to reflect further on your message.

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Message One

The Ace of Wands is the card for those drawn to the first message. This is a card of inspiration, a new spark, innovation, and creativity. The aces, in general, are about the pure energy of their suit, so this energy is in the beginning stages and may present itself as a whisper of an idea rattling around in your life. This is the source of your life energy and excitement — what keeps you going.The area of your life that needs more attention is your creative and innovative side. You need to listen to your intuition more and note how it is speaking to you through your desires. If you have been a little too serious lately, now is the time to get out of a perfectionist mindset and try new things without being too concerned with where it leads. This card also rules our ambition and passion, so if you have felt burnt out lately, you need to prioritize rebalancing your energy levels. It may be tempting to keep pushing through, focusing on other things, leaving this inner spark to sit on the back burner. Bring it forward and do what lights you up right now; the rest will follow.

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Message Two

For those who find themselves drawn here, the Queen of Pentacles is your messenger this month. This card is about getting your life together in a way that brings you support. This Queen is about providing, stretching your resources, and living in abundance. She is the one who tends the garden in a way that makes it provide plenty of food for all to enjoy. She is in charge and in control of her day-to-day life, and embraces the opportunities to grow.It is time to get yourself organized in a way that serves you. Don’t put your energy towards mimicking the structures that you have been told you should; take some time to truly examine what actually will help you feel more grounded and secure in your everyday life. Direct your focus towards the structures that will fuel you; the Queen of Pentacles provides for herself before she provides for others. Don’t give things away (time, energy, care) before you take care of yourself first, otherwise, you will consistently run yourself down. You may also find that by providing for yourself first, you generate more for everyone.

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Message Three

If you gravitate to this message, you actually have two cards this month. Sometimes, an extra card slips out and demands attention, and this time it is the Five of Cups, and Two of Cups reversed. The cups are emotional and spiritual. They require a lot of gentle attention, cleansing, and nurturing. These specific cards speak of some issues with emotional balance, grief, disappointment, miscommunications, and imbalanced relationships.This month is a good time to put your intent and focus on your heart and soul. That is the area of your life that needs a bit more active tending. You have been let down and carry some wounds — some you recognize, and some you don’t — but it is a good time to work through those feelings. This is also a time that may present itself as a string of strange and blocked communication. Pay attention to where some of your communication patterns (and your reaction to the communication patterns of others) may have come from. Don’t push too hard emotionally, and spend a lot of time reflecting and being gentle with yourself.

Jae Melland is a tarot, palm, and rune reader serving the Tri-Cities. You can schedule a reading with Jae by visiting seidrwhispers.com, or going to her walk-in readings at Luna Wellness Center in Pasco. Instagram: @seidr_whispers