Welcome to another pick-a-card reading! For this month, the question to focus on is: “What do I need to be expressing this month, and how?” With it being Pride Month, and most of the month being in Gemini season (ruled by Mercury), it seems like a good time to put our focus towards self-discovery, expression, and learning.

Take a few moments to ground and center yourself. This can be done through some breathing exercises, meditation, sitting outside, or some other relaxing activity. When you are ready, it is time to pick your message! This can be done by either picking a number (1–3), seeing what image you gravitate towards, or simply letting your eyes drift to the section meant for you. It is okay if you are drawn to more than one, or even all three! And as always, this is just the beginning. Use this reading as a starting point of reflection for the month. Good luck, and have fun!

An illustration of a royal blue beta fish.

Card One

If you were drawn to the first card, the message that came forward for you is the Six of Wands. This is a card of victory, achievement, and celebration. This is not an easily won victory, though, as it usually comes after a period of struggle and conflict. It is important to note that the traditional meaning of the card also indicates that this celebration is not just an individual one, but one meant to be shared with people you care about.

So for this month, it is time to truly acknowledge how far you have come and how hard it was to get here. You can simultaneously be grateful for where you are at, while also leaving space to discuss what an uphill battle it was at times. While reflecting on this, it is key that you celebrate freely, loudly, and joyously. Whether it be through dance, laughter, gatherings, or some other form of self-expression, you are being asked to let that energy flow as easily as you can.

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Card Two

The second card in our community reading is the Ten of Pentacles in the reversed position. The Ten of Pentacles typically references financial luck, abundance, and stability. When it is reversed, it challenges you to think about your perspective on finances and material wealth and how our societal approach to it may be impacting you in unexpected ways. Even if you already consider yourself to be disillusioned with the perspective you were raised with, a shift like this can be stressful. But it has the potential to lead you into a more authentic direction.

This month, spend some time thinking and expressing how you actually might be shifting your goals or point of view. This may come in the form of a complete shift in how you make money or view money. For example, you may have always felt that the need for a stable and safe job was the best way to measure your worth, and you’re being challenged to see all the different ways a person contributes and is worthy. Or you may be chasing the funds you need but going in the wrong direction, and you need to take the leap you’ve been putting off. Either way, this is a change in perspective surrounding money and material possessions, and this journey is meant to be expressed. Being a pentacle, the expression may come in the form of taking practical steps as you examine new perspectives.

An illustration of a teal striped angel fish.

Card Three

The Eight of Wands is our third card, which is a message of quick and direct action. The Wands rule our passions, desires, and ambitions. They are the fires of life and creativity guiding us to innovative change and progress. The Eight of Wands, specifically, is about things unfolding very quickly and you need to be ready for swift movement. This is an opportunity! And it will be appearing very quickly. Make sure you’re ready to respond!

When it comes to what needs to be expressed, this card asks you to pick a direction and run for it. Express through doing and feeling, and leading with your gut. What may seem impulsive to outside observers is you simply rolling with the changes around you and having your eye on the prize. This card is also about an organized and targeted approach, so leap, but do so with a landing point in mind, and have your support team on the same page. Know what you want, and express it! If you are into spiritual work, now is a good time to be putting some spiritual energy behind your mundane efforts, and quickly!

Jae Melland is a tarot, rune, and palm reader located in Pasco, Washington. You can reach her at Jae.melland@gmail.com for a reading or see her at her shop, Luna Apothecary in Pasco.

Illustrations by Liam Bray