This month's pick-a-card reading has some guidance on how to face the month ahead. Among all of the cards, there seemed to be an emphasis on decisions, adapting, and the results of past work that has been invested. It is because of this that I feel like the readings took on a secondary theme of finding out where you are at in your current chapter.

To find your message, close your eyes and take a few centering breaths. When you are ready, allow yourself to be drawn to one of the provided images, or to a number (one, two, or three). As always, it’s okay if you are drawn to more than one message. Read the corresponding section and reflect on the meaning provided. If you’re looking to connect with your message further, I recommend spending time with the image associated with it by cutting it out or taking a picture, and keeping it somewhere you’ll see it often. Meditating on the card is another great way to keep diving deeper into the tarot card that has come forward for you. The written message is always supposed to be just the beginning.

Many bottles filled with various abstract objects

Card One:

The Two of Swords is all about decisions, decisions, decisions. The most challenging part of this moment is that there are multiple options and no obvious answers as to which one to choose. Sometimes we get a little too caught up in black and white thinking, and get it in our heads that one way is the right path and the other is wrong, when it may be more nuanced than that. It’s a card that addresses getting in your own head and feeling overwhelmed at weighing the options, but there are ways around this moment that can help propel things forward.

Take a moment to get out of the usual routine and give your brain a small rest. You may be too close to things to see the path ahead you’re meant to take. However, don’t forget that not making a choice is still a choice, and now is not the best time to avoid decisions altogether. Have a plan in place for coming back to the issues at hand when you’ve calmed the mental storms. Most importantly, trust yourself to handle the outcome. It doesn’t have to be the ‘right’ choice, it just has to be your choice.

Messy-looking painting of someone painting messily

Card Two:

The Nine of Pentacles is a wonderful card that reminds us to stop and smell the roses. As a Pentacle, it covers the tangible things in our life and how we spend our day-to-day. It’s the things you’re building and working on, and how you’re investing your time. This card is about arriving towards the end of a cycle, and putting the final touches on your work.

While your part in this cycle is not quite done, you do not have to push quite as hard to see the results of your efforts anymore. Now is a great time to sit back for a bit and celebrate all of the hard work you have put in so far, take a moment to look to the past and acknowledge how far you have come. Be fair to yourself and don’t sell your efforts short. This card means you have plenty about yourself to appreciate. Being drawn to this message means that you’re hitting a point where things will be a bit more self-sufficient, and you won’t need to be so active to see results. Remember to enjoy and celebrate the small victories!

Weird looking apple tree with both ripe and unripe fruit

Card Three:

The Seven of Pentacles is all about the art of timing. Trusting the process is not an easy thing to do, especially when you’ve invested a lot of yourself into something. This card is about waiting, inspecting, and reflecting on what needs to be done between now and the end result. Examine what choices need to be made going forward and be prepared to adjust. Is there anything that needs to change?

Try not to let impatience get the best of you right now. Consider that if you’re growing something that isn’t quite ready for harvest, it doesn’t matter how badly you want to enjoy it now. Plucking the results of your efforts too early will result in a disappointing experience. The best thing to do here is to wait for the signs that indicate the time is ripe. While it isn’t always satisfying to be told to wait, this card does also come with an encouraging message regarding what you’ll find when it finally is the right moment. Your hard work is going to pay off, and the waiting will be worth it! Remember, there is still plenty to do while you let the time pass; this is still an active time.

Jae Melland is a tarot, palm, and rune reader at Lotus of the Moon in Richland. You can schedule readings with Jae by emailing her at Jae also has walk-in hours at Lotus of the Moon Fridays and Saturdays 12pm–3pm.