This summer had some strange energy, and we continue to head towards more change. What kind of energy do you need to be cultivating, responding to, and embracing this month? Keep this question in mind as you close your eyes and take a few relaxing breaths. When you are in a very receptive state, ask yourself to be guided to the number associated with the card and message that is right for you. Is it card one, two, three, or even multiple cards? When you feel as if you have your number(s), read your message below.

Card One. Photo by Samuele Errico Piccarini on Unsplash

Card One

The Eight of Wands can be a really exciting card to receive if you have been caught in a funk lately. Some themes of this card are swift action, a rapid change of pace, and multiple elements of your life being on the same page directed at a common goal. If this is the card that made itself known to you, you are likely headed for an opportunity to experience some much-needed change. If you have been feeling like you are fighting everything all the time just to make any small amount of progress, this indicates that the resistance you have been feeling will give out and make way for you to move forward. This also indicates a period of fast decision-making and paths being unblocked, so be ready to seize this moment.

Take some time to really solidify your intent during this time and make sure you have a general sense of direction (even if it's just to find your sense of direction) so that when these blockages are removed and you get the green light, you know where to put your energy. Sometimes this manifests as things happening very quickly, other times it is just a period of time in which energy flows more easily and is more responsive to your efforts; so really try to make the most of this time by remembering to be responsive to how things are flowing. Charge ahead!

Card Two. Photo by Slava on Unsplash

Card Two

Those who were drawn to this section have selected the Hanged Man, indicating it is time to surrender and let go. This is a major arcana card, which means it has bolder and bigger energy compared to those in the minor arcana of the tarot deck. This is likely a big lesson for you, and this period in your life is really significant. It is natural to want to control things when they start to feel chaotic, especially if you tend to feel responsible for the outcomes in your life and feel you have to be ‘on’ all the time or you'll let something important slip. This card is here to tell you that some moments are simply so much bigger than you and that you are merely human. You are not tasked with controlling this outcome, and you are likely taking on far too much and fighting too hard to regain some of your footing.

During this time, try to release that which is out of your control and surrender to the moment in whatever way you can. It is a good opportunity to try different perspectives, something that is easier to do when you have released your grip on the one you currently have. This time period is trying to teach you something, and the lesson can be found in the surrender.

Card Three. Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Card Three

This card is rather exciting. The Knight of Wands is inspired, powerful, and active. There will be opportunities to dash towards the exciting and unknown, directed and guided by your intuition. If you found yourself pulled here to this card, exciting things are coming up for you and you are called to leap after these chances for change. This card represents a good kind of impulsivity, it is not reckless or completely without any regard for consequence. The Knight of Wands simply knows the direction they must go in, and they run after it without hesitation.

If you have been struggling with doubt and uncertainty lately, this is a great time to exercise your intuition and prioritize healing your connection to your inner voice and your relationship with fear in whatever way you can. It is a powerful time for you to break free of what has been holding you back, and to learn how to let inspiration take the lead more often. Let yourself have belief and creativity and tend to the inner fire that drives you. If you are typically a little too grounded and reserved, this can also be a powerful lesson in not only responding to what the flow of life is telling you, but actively creating a flow of your own. This is a powerful time!

For this month, try letting this message be a bit of a theme. Bring it into your life in whatever way you can — be that through affirmations, or continuing to dive deeper into these messages on your own. Remember to take notes on this process and see how things unfold for you so that you have material to reflect on later.

Jae Melland is a tarot and rune reader at Lotus of the Moon in Richland. You can schedule readings with Jae by emailing her at Jae also has walk-in hours at Lotus of the Moon Fridays and Saturdays, noon–3 p.m.