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Happy Women's History Month! Take care of yourselves, and take care of each other 💜

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In this issue, Alcon Media is back at it again with the second edition of El Vuelo Informativo.

Also, the amazing Shae Strong is ramping up efforts to make our content more accessible through narration (you can read more about it in our next issue).

About the cover:

“March's cover features six of Richland's historic Alphabet houses, each braving the winter weather in its own way.” — Adam Whittier

The poem reads:

Unlike an "A" house, an Atom holds heat.
B-Reactor is hotter than "B" house — how neat!
The Cold War is still raging in "C" house today,
while 'freezing' and "F" house begin the same way.
Hell or an "H" house? The difference is moot,
while Kelvin deems "K" house's chill 'absolute.'

Photo references courtesy of “The Houses that Hanford Built”

Instagram: @‌whittier_comix


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