This March, Gallery at the Park presents a captivating new 2D and 3D exhibition from Jacqueline Trujillo and Nathan Robles!

Jacqueline Trujillo is a Utah native currently living and teaching in Washington. She is a professional artist, professor of art and design, and gallery assistant. Her hand-modified prints explore the precarious relationship between reality and recollection.

“My work is a personal narrative that attempts to expose the fallacy of memory, reveal the value of familiarity, confront uncanny recollection, and embrace nostalgia,” she says.

Trujillo recreated her childhood home based on an amalgamation of how she remembers it, old pictures of what it looked like when she lived there, and images from Google Maps Street View of what it looks like now.

Using media manipulations and distortions, Trujillo has constructed images not exactly of her home, but of what could be anyone’s home — the traditional American house. The abstract nature of the images alludes to the uncertainty of memory.

Nathan Robles has been creating his steel structure artwork for 12 years. His journey through art began when he decided to stop pursuing a degree in construction management and instead transfer to his college’s art program. Since 2012, he has devoted as much time as he can to developing his skills as a sculptor and designer. 

Each of Robles’ pieces is one-of-a-kind, as there is no mold or casting. He has developed unique methods through the medium of steel that give him the freedom to create pieces that would be nearly impossible in any other material, allowing him to depict the themes that give his artwork meaning. 

“My greatest ambition is to create artwork that inspires our humanity,” Robles says. “To depict the struggles, triumphs, relationships, and journey of life that are universally understandable.”

Robles hopes to have a positive impact on his community and inspire viewers to feel something profound. He has sculptures displayed in public parks and outdoor art exhibitions across multiple states.

Trujillo & Robles will be on display at the Gallery at the Park from February 27 – March 23.

The artist reception will be on Sunday, March 3, from 1 – 3pm.

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