Due to unforeseen circumstances with their foster family, both Pepper and Kinsley have found themselves in a boarding facility waiting for a foster space to open up or an adopter to choose them. If you are interested in becoming a foster, or even better, adopting either of these lovely dogs, please visit http://mikeyschance.com.

Pepper is a female German Shepherd mix born July 13, 2021. She is sweet as pie, incredibly intelligent, a sucker for sweet talk, and is treat motivated. She’s had basic training and knows tasks like sit, down, wait, focus, and heel. She’s crate trained and housebroken and very good at signaling when she needs to go out. She likes other dogs, but to her, cats are something to chase; she responds well to boundaries and direction, so her interest in cats may be something that could be worked through. Pepper is still very much a puppy — excited talk and playing with her can lead to her jumping on you and being mouthy with hands, the leash, or your sleeves. She is tall and lean, great on a leash, and would love to be with someone who enjoys the great outdoors, walking, or running. She should have a home with a 6-foot fence, and due to her size and age, children over eight. A home with another dog that matches her energy level would be ideal.

Born June 1, 2021, Kinsley is a female Lab-Shepherd who is on the smaller side for her breed mix, and is also as sweet as the day is long! Kinsley came to us suffering from both parvo and mange. Additionally, due to a reaction to medication, she has some neurological issues that affect her coordination — she just walks a little wonky when she heads out for a walk, but it smooths out once she gets going. This does not impact her health, her zest for life, or her love for her people… she is always happy! Kinsley has had formal training and knows basic commands like sit and down. She enjoys the one-to-one time training offers and bonds quickly with people. She is crate and potty trained, rides well in the car, and likes other dogs (but would also be fine as an only dog). She enjoys taking walks or simply being outside laying in the sun. A home with a 6-foot fence and children over the age of five are required. When you get home from your day away, Kinsley will emphatically let you know how happy she is to see you again and would love to sit by you on the couch or at your feet in the evenings enjoying your favorite TV shows!