Month after month, we watch the requests for rehoming animals increase. We read about unwanted litters of puppies thrown from windows of cars in remote areas, or of so many dogs, both young and old, simply dumped — with little to no chance of survival if someone doesn’t help them. We see volunteers at the shelter advocating to “peacefully end their lives” because dogs are waiting for several months to be fostered, and are suffering, becoming kennel-stressed.  

We’ve always prided ourselves on taking the difficult-to-serve dogs — dogs that need more care because of medical or behavioral problems.  And we’ve always tried to say yes. We have to say no more and more, and we struggle with what the outcome may be for that dog we say no to. Will they be dumped? Left for dead? Left starving, to be attacked by another animal (or human)?

It seems like volunteerism in general is down, and we feel it deeply in rescue. We currently have ten dogs in boarding. We don’t get much of a discount, so you can imagine the cost of this — we can’t sustain it.  We need help; we need foster homes and financial support. 

My lamentations don’t seem to be landing anywhere, and hope is not a strategy, but that seems to be all we have for now. Hope for these ten dogs in boarding and hope for all dogs and cats and other animals that find themselves thrown out like trash. 

Please check out our Facebook page and look through our albums for Stevie, Bart, Styx, Calder, Fabio, Milton, Chase, Stevie, Saiga, and Tigger and consider fostering one of them. If you have questions about them, please ask!  

If you access our link tree it will take you to ways to donate, wish lists, adoption, foster applications, etc.  Please help us, or any other rescue that is trying to make a difference.  We rely on donations and fundraisers to do what we do, and our vet expenses and boarding expenses are about to pull us under.

Our chili feed and Cinnamon Roll Fundraiser is being hosted by our friends at The Village Bistro again this year! Check out our Facebook or Instagram page for ways to support this endeavor.  And if you have a business and would like to host a fundraiser on our behalf, we would love to speak with you!

You can apply to foster or adopt by visiting our website,, or following the QR code directly to the applications.