These three dogs are getting on in years. Long gone are the days of accidents in the house, chewed up shoes, and whining in the middle of the night. Still, at the heart of every dog, regardless of age, resides their inner puppy. That happy-go-lucky, in-the-moment joy over the simplest things draws us in and melts our hearts. Add the frostiness of their faces and their more relaxed nature, and for many it’s a match made in heaven.


Duke gets along with dogs of all sizes, loves people of all ages, and is indifferent to cats. He is enthusiastic and loving, and enjoys walks around the neighborhood and rides in the car (and with his current foster has taken a few boat rides). He does need a little boost when getting in the car sometimes. Laying in the backyard in the sun and rolling in the grass is nirvana, especially if his person is nearby to enjoy it with him. A home with a fenced yard and without many stairs would be ideal for him.


Jazzy is new to the rescue, and is residing in a foster home with other dogs. He gets along well with everyone and recently attended an adoption event with lots of people and lots of other dogs of all sizes and ages and he handled it like Mr. Congeniality. He’s a low-rider, and while he handled the stairs at the event like a champ, long term, a home with fewer stairs would be preferred.


Peppers, the most active of the three, also lives in a home with dogs of all sizes. She’s the ultimate family dog: loves her people deeply, knows how to have fun (she jumped into the pool when she first arrived at her foster home), and knows how to relax and take it easy. Peppers is still up for long walks on the beach — or through the neighborhood — and enjoys her toys!

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