Way back in the late ’90s, local radio host Greg Martin created a horror show called Friday Fright with his wife, Gail, that ran on the public access channel. Their production company, Grail Productions, oversaw the process.

All through October 2020, their Friday Fright TV show will be resurrected as part of The Film Detective’s Halloween 31 Days of Horror! The show will air every Friday in October with a marathon of all four episodes on Friday, October 30. Films include The Beast from the Haunted Cave, Teenagers from Outer Space, The Ape Man, and White Zombie.

Friday Fright features hosts Ravena (played by Julianna MacPherson) and Anok (played by Greg Martin), who perform campy interludes between breaks in the movies.

Martin said, "We created Friday Fright to help bring back the feeling of those classic, late-night horror hosted shows, and over the last 23 years it has become a classic in its own right.”

The Film Detective is a leading distributor of restored classic programming, including feature films, television, foreign imports, and documentaries.

“We are ecstatic to partner with The Film Detective in October,” says Martin. “We hope you will love Ravena, the Goddess of Stonehenge, and her companion Anok, as much as we do!”