George is a young German shepherd who celebrated his first birthday on July 1. While he’s still very much a puppy, he’s shown amazing intelligence and is proving to be an all-around good boy.

His foster ‘mom’ describes him as a very sweet, gentle, and dedicated companion that loves to be in your space bubble. He has a healthy appetite and will eat almost anything, including many fruits and vegetables. She says he learns commands and boundaries quickly, and while he’s respectful of a baby gate, given the right temptation, he could and would jump it. He crates on command and will fuss but settles down once the house is quiet. He sleeps outside of his crate on the bedroom floor at night with no issues; he currently resides with two dog foster siblings.

George enjoys his walks and still needs a little leash work, as his puppy brain has him ping-ponging across the path to sniff all the sniffs. He’s not super vocal, but he does appropriately alert bark when someone is at the door or by the fence, then quiets down quickly with direction. He travels well in the car and really loves a ride that includes a treat from a drive-through coffee shop. It’s said he’s never met a dog he didn’t like… so if you like to take your dog to a dog-friendly venue, he’s up for it!

George does have a high prey drive — he likes to chase squirrels (and the one time he was around cats, he wanted to chase them). He hates baths but tolerates them along with cleaning his ears and clipping his nails. He has never snarled or snapped even when he’s not happy with what is happening. Since he is young, his desire to chew on things is still active. Just give him approved chew items; he hasn’t had a problem chewing on anything inappropriate.

He is spunky and fun, fully vaccinated, microchipped, and altered — he just needs a person or family. A yard with a 6-foot fence and another dog companion is a must, and an active household would be ideal. You can apply to adopt George by clicking the ‘Adopt a Dog’ link at