-By Rik Balog.

Valentines Cards by Adam Whittier.
Valentines Cards by Adam Whittier.

Love Bites by Katie Baker. https://www.instagram.com/katiefromthepodcast/ for appointments and commissions. Katie Baker is an artist at Golden Skull Tattoo.

The Back Issues

I read the back issues for the dramatic irony.

The terror of not knowing in 21,
Becomes the sadness of knowing in 2017.

I read hopeful words,
Already knowing they won’t happen.

I read phrases that had such a novel shine at the time,
Now tired and worn.

I read terrible fears,
And sometimes feel assuaged.

(Oftentimes I wonder why no one saw that canary sing.)

I read the back issues for the hope,

For the easy, innocent times,

For raunchy acts and hidden wisdom,

For the missed chances,

To connect to the community I care about.

I read the back issues,

Hoping I’ll finally hear what they were saying.

-By Deckard Lee Schaefer. Deckard Lee Schaefer is a ghost with a hoard of stolen wifi passwords.

Big Hearts Stubborn Paws (Feb 2022).

eat potassium by cameron mills. @lifekissing

RUMBLE-LUMP COMICS feb 2022 by Jesse Clyde. thank you so much for everything I love you jesseclyde.com

Main image: You eat what you are by cameron mills. @lifekissing