Opening this June at Gallery at the Park is a unique new exhibition from talented 2D and 3D artist Pamela Searcy!

Pamela Searcy works in a wide array of mediums, including bronze sculpture, oil painting, jewelry design, and fused glass. She studied design, drawing, painting, and lost-wax sculpture at Seattle University and ceramics at the University of Washington.

For many years, she worked as an art teacher in the Kirkland area, helping high school students build their artistic confidence. Now that Searcy has returned home to the Yakima Valley, she devotes most of her time to creating bronze sculptures of people and painting colorful abstract and impressionist works.

“When an artist shows their artwork, they share a part of themselves,” says Searcy. “They invite others to share their artistic vision and to discover some connection to the artwork that is uniquely that of the viewer.”

Searcy’s paintings incorporate diverse materials and found objects such as cloth, paper, and pieces of metal, creating unique and highly textured surfaces. With natural colors, her paintings reflect the realism of viewing the matted vegetation on a forest floor or the rusty iron hull of an abandoned fishing boat viewed up close.

Searcy’s works have been featured in Seattle, Edmonds, Kirkland, and Camano Island art shows and won awards for sculpture and painting. View more of Pamela Searcy’s art on her website at

Pamela Searcy’s exhibition is on display from May 28 — June 29.

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