It’s always a good time for some self-reflection, and this month’s cards indicate that looking inward is something we cannot afford to avoid. The decisions and actions we take now will create long term change, and most of us are very much aware of the heavy burden that comes with this responsibility. Now is a time to regain balance, to be mindful of how we make decisions while still looking after our own mental health. The cards this month want us to find a way to lead ourselves intuitively when it comes to finding this balance, to be able to self-correct without losing sight of what is important. How do you think critically enough to make important decisions for the future, while maintaining your own sanity?

Community reading

The Ten of Pentacles was rather insistent this month. This card fell out while I shuffled, and every time I got distracted and set the cards aside, I would set the deck down flipped over and see the Ten of Pentacles looking up at me. This card is often associated with material success, but this time I feel that what it truly wants to discuss is legacy. The art of planting seeds that others will enjoy and being thoughtful of future generations. What do you want to leave behind for your community? What do you want to plant and tend to for the future? This is also a reminder that our actions, intentional or not, have a lasting impact in the bigger picture, and we need to be mindful of the community as a whole.

The second card that made itself known was the Seven of Swords. This card warns of a time of great illusion. Things are confusing, and we don’t quite know what to believe. It should come as no surprise that there is a lot of dishonesty around us, and I can’t help but notice that this card comes at quite a dramatic time for many of us. On a community level, we are struggling to find truths and to think critically. As a community, it is our responsibility to be open to being educated, to seeing the sinister nature in some of our heroes, and to examine who we idolize. I am not here to shame you for who you adore and support, or to tell you how to think. This card simply asks us all to examine where we are placing our undying love and support, and to remember that we should be thinking critically at this time, and examining the source of the information we are getting. Keeping our minds clear and our communication effective is one of the most useful ways to battle misinformation. Be willing to be corrected, be willing to be wrong, and be willing to listen.

The third card in our community reading brings us some positive advice to help us achieve some balance in trying times. The Page of Cups reminds us that while it is important to think critically and be aware, let us not forget to find the magic in life. You can give yourself permission to not be so ‘on’ all the time, to let go and sit back and absorb some of life’s sweetness. Not only does this card want you to avoid burnout, but it also wants you to take some moments that remind you of why you stand where you stand. What makes this all worth it? Take care of yourself, and manage your stress levels. Most importantly, this card reminds us to tend to our inner optimist. Try to acknowledge how the world is, but don’t forget to see it as it could be. The most dangerous thing we can say is “that’s just how it is.” Statements like this rob us of growth opportunities.

Healing Exercise

This month is an excellent time for some deep inward reflection. A good start would be to dedicate a notebook to self-reflection. This is where you will ask yourself the hard questions and face your inner reality. In your notebook, record your responses to the following questions, and remember that your notebook is a safe place to be completely honest, even if the answer doesn’t show you in a favorable light. Be courageous, and trust yourself to be open.

  • How do you react when corrected? Do you get angry? Embarrassed? Defensive?
  • Are you comfortable being informed that you are misinformed (or uninformed) about something?
  • Are you comfortable admitting when you are uninformed on an important topic?
  • Do you ever seek out multiple sources from an alternative viewpoint in an effort to challenge your own opinion? If not, why not?
  • Where do you typically get insight on the state of the world (not just news, but opinions and statements on how big issues affect other people)? Do you avoid discussing important topics with people?
  • Are the people you usually discuss big issues with from a similar background or socioeconomic status as yourself? Why or why not?

Jae Melland is a tarot and rune reader at Lotus of the Moon in Richland. You can schedule readings with Jae by emailing her at Jae also has walk-in hours at Lotus of the Moon Fridays noon–3 p.m.