‘Twas the third of November and all through the land,
Not a voter was sure their slate’s win was at hand.
Polls suggested that Biden was far in the lead,
But Trump had support from some who mislead,
As Facebook and Russians spread misinformation,
Confusing the voters of this stumbling nation.
Both sides thought the other was full of deceit,
And fought their opponent so hard to defeat.
Most people concluded that Trump was unstable,
But Republican Senators and staff would enable
The most incompetent liar and cheater to stay
In power despite his abuse and foul play.
Regardless of whether the count went to Biden,
Trump claimed his victory while Joe’s big lead widened.
“Fraud is the only way I’d lose the election,
‘Cause as presidents go I am close to perfection.”
He refused to concede the election that night,
So his followers vowed to bring guns to the fight.
But the ‘suckers’ and ‘losers’ stood up for our nation,
Escorting Trump out to the people’s elation.

Steve Ghan is an amateur poet. http://steveghan.wordpress.com
Find Steve on Twitter.

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash