When I was pulling the cards for this month’s reading, I noticed a bit of a theme. A lot of the cards seemed to center around rest, taking things lightly, or self-care. The world has a lot going on right now, and it would seem that in the midst of everything, we are all either checked out, in constant worry mode, or simply forgetting to check in with ourselves. This month, let the focus be on your care and what you need to be centered. Life may be busy, but let’s find ways to recover and rest along the way.

Close your eyes, and take a few centering breaths. Ask yourself to be guided to the form of self-care that you need for this month, and then open your eyes. Choose your card by either noting which image you are drawn to or letting your intuition guide you to the number one, two, or three, and read the corresponding message. Remember that this is just the beginning of the message, so be sure to connect with it further in your own way. That may be through meditation, pinning the image up somewhere, or journaling about it. Take care <3

Painting in the style of Mucha of a woman in robes resting her head on her arm

Card One

The Four of Swords is your card for the month, which presents to you a need for a period of rest. This is specifically referencing the kind of rest you need after a wave of challenges, which perhaps you felt quite overwhelmed by. Usually, there is another challenge up ahead, and those drawn to this card may feel like they are struggling to find peace while knowing that there is more to come. If ignored, this period in your life may lead to significant burnout, so this is not a gentle, easy break you can accomplish once and then forget about; this may need to become a habit for a while to prevent a more severe cycle of exhaustion.

It is very important to rest and take some time to find your version of stillness. A common approach to this is meditation, but keep in mind that it is not about emptying your mind of worry. It is about finding some peace with what is busy within your mind. This can be done through more traditional meditations, doing your favorite activity, or listening to music. The point of this card is to remind you to take more time this month recentering yourself before going on to the next challenge. It is not always easy to make the time, so be sure to make the effort to steal little moments when you can. Prioritize yourself, and rest.

Painting in the style of Mucha of a woman sitting at a vanity looking in the mirror

Card Two

The Empress is a card of contentment, peace, luxury, and self-care. The Empress is a nurturing creator, and when this card gets out of alignment in your life, it can express itself in the form of stress, mood swings, a lack of motivation, and a disconnect from the self. This card brings you back to the softer side of yourself and reminds you to let your guard down and take things off your shoulders for a little while. To continue to give, you have to make sure you are adequately cared for, too, and the Empress helps you do that.

This month is a great time to treat yourself, give yourself more patience than usual, and live these days as slowly as possible for your schedule. Take the long drive home if you’re enjoying the playlist you’ve got on. Do that face mask you’ve been meaning to use, and make yourself a fancy beverage for no other reason than because you want to. If time and energy are a struggle, it is time to get creative. Do your usual routine but in a robe that makes you feel nice, or spray the clothes you wear around the house with a scent that you enjoy. It is about making the small things feel like a treat and making the effort to put some love and care toward yourself.

Painting in the style of Mucha of a woman playing a harp

Card Three

Six of Cups shows up when there is an emphasis on connections, the past, and simplicity. This card did come up in the reversed position for this reading, so for those drawn to this card for the month, things are a little more complicated. When this card is reversed, the past becomes a bit sticky. For some, this looks like being too focused on how things once were in your lives. For others, it can mean struggling to get over certain past events. You may be taking things too seriously in the present because your head and heart are simply not here at the moment.

Try to make an effort to ground yourself in the present for now. Those who got this card may also find a useful message in the Card Two section, with the Empress, regarding finding moments to make the small things feel luxurious. To add to that, now is a good time to invite playfulness and silliness into your present. Engage with things you haven’t tried in a while — paint something horribly, write the cringiest poem, and just be childish. On that note, you may also notice a call to work on some inner child healing during this time as well; just be sure to take it lightly and slowly for now, and engage with it from a place of loving care.

Jae Melland is a tarot, palm, and rune reader at Lotus of the Moon serving the Tri-Cities. You can schedule a reading with Jae by visiting seidrwhispers.com or emailing her at jae.melland@gmail.com