What does this next month bring us and what do we need to keep in mind as we move forward? To participate in this month's pick-a-card reading, set some time aside to take a few deep and centering breaths to collect yourself. Focus your intent on being drawn to the message that is meant for you, and allow the answer to come up intuitively. You can either see which image you are drawn to, or think of a number (one, two, or three) and check the corresponding message. When you have read what the card (or cards) have to say, I highly recommend taking the reading even further and journal, meditate, and contemplate. This is meant to be used as a jumping off point for further reflection.

Card one

Watercolor painting of child looking sad, crouched with their head on their knees

If you were drawn to the Nine of Wands, this message may find you already feeling like you’re at your limit. This is a card of feeling drained, exhausted, and like you have nothing else to give to the challenges you’re facing. It does, however, tell us that we are closer to the end of this frustrating cycle than it seems. Think of this moment as the final push and a call to adapt. It will not always feel this challenging.

This is a good time to take a small breather and examine your approach. If you’ve felt like giving up lately, it may instead be time to make some adjustments as you near the completion of this cycle. Is there any areas where you could be delegating? Do you need to let go of surrounding influences that are making the process more challenging? Is it time to ask for more support? Most importantly, remember that this is a card of persistence, so dig deep and investigate your reasons for wanting to reach that next stage.

Card Two

Watercolor painting of woman looking strong with a severe expression

The Seven of Wands, similar to the message above, is also about facing challenges and having your limits pushed. This energy first requires you to recognize how far you have come and what you have learned up till now. It is a message of being tested and having the skills and strength to withstand the challenges coming your way. It may feel like issues are popping up in every aspect of your life, and this card is here to assure you that even if it feels out of control, you are doing a good job at fighting through the haze.

It will be very important to protect the belief you have in yourself, especially when it is most difficult for you. Celebrate the smaller victories and recognize their importance in the big picture of your life and focus on the skills you are learning. This is a time when it will pay to be stubborn. Standing your ground and outlasting your challenges are key to getting through this chapter, so pace yourself and think strategically when it comes to how you spend your energy.

Card Three

Watercolor painting of two glass cups on a scale; one side is earth and the other is water

If Temperance is your card this month, your message is about finding balance and restraint. This card often requires the balancing of forces that are quite different and contradictory at times. This moment requires the stability and slow nature of earth along with the slippery and fluid nature of water. It can be difficult to find a balance between holding firm in one's position while also being responsive to change.

Now is all about being the observer rather than charging in with action. This card asks for us to step back and go with the flow of the situation, and surrender what we are not meant to control right now. React slowly and thoughtfully, and give everything you do a bit more care and intention before you make decisions. This is also a card of enlightenment, so by putting yourself in this observer mode, you are likely setting yourself up for getting some answers you’ve been trying to dig out for quite some time. Be very purposeful and balanced with how you choose to move forward. Rolling with the changes that come along will likely teach you a lot.

Jae Melland is a tarot, palm, and rune reader at Lotus of the Moon in Richland. You can schedule readings with Jae by emailing her at jae.melland@gmail.com. Jae also has walk-in hours at Lotus of the Moon Fridays and Saturdays 12pm–3pm.