We have an urgent need for foster homes for a variety of dogs that are in boarding due to lack of foster providers. This month, we’d like to focus on Big Ben.

Ben came to us after suffering three gunshot wounds, one of which resulted in the loss of one of his rear legs.

Big Ben is a German Shepherd who is approximately 2 years old and is described as a gentle, sweet dog that bonds deeply with people. The loss of his leg has not slowed him down at all. He is crate trained, potty trained, does not chew on inappropriate items, and does not ‘mark his territory.’ He does need to work on sharing — toys, food, people — things he perceives as his. He would be fine in a home as an only dog or with a submissive female dog, but no cats.

While boarding a dog will keep them fed and safe, it lacks a lot in regard to quality of life and keeping a dog’s spirit bright and adoptable. Kennel stress creates many challenges.

Please consider providing Ben a temporary foster (or permanent adoptive) home. All of Ben’s expenses while in your foster care are covered by The Rescue; food, bedding, crates, toys, etc. (as well as any veterinary care) are paid for by Mikey’s Chance. If you’re taking a vacation and can’t or don’t want to take Ben with you, another foster may cover for you, or The Rescue will cover the cost of boarding while you’re away.

You can apply to foster here.

Photo by Carrie DeLeon