We just hit 200 subscribers, which means we can actually afford to mail out the issues of Tumbleweird to our subscribers!

The dream is that we get enough subscribers to cover all of our costs (not just mailing costs), but we're getting there. Some generous readers have sponsored copies for people that have been laid off or furloughed. It makes me so happy to see the community coming together, supporting each other.

Without further ado, here is the May 2020 issue. Stay safe. Talk soon.


Consuelo Soto Murphy was raised in the Yakima Valley by Regino and Martina Soto. She graduated from Sunnyside High. She got her B.A. in Art Education and B.A. in Studio Art at Eastern Washington University. She currently Teaches Art at Richland High School in Richland, Washington. She has been painting all her life but recently started a series of work that reflects her heritage as a migrant worker in the lower valley. She loves the fields she grew up in and wants people to experience the beauty in the land that she worked in.

You can see more of Consuelo Soto Murphy’s work at sotoart.com.