Ogden's Man Baby Cry Devil

The cloud attempts to answer falsely. Blood: an answer, an approval, a belief. Birth. The birth of you. The birth of me. The birth of them. The birth of us. We. With no answer, we are false, there is doubt of our true purpose, there is no direction. We are animals. A false brother, a false family, it is our punishment. Our journey. It is our religion. They protest. They wrongly fear expansion. They wrongly fear our forward motion, our discoveries, our beliefs of blood and bodies. We are the law, we are the crime, we are death. We are.

There is no change, there is an argument. Machine men, instruments of death. Poison. Knowledge is death. Invention is death. Disease. Oil is our bread. We burn. We burn. We burn. Buildings burn. Art burns. The University burns. The Empire burns. The King burns in a beautiful shade of dark black. There is a memory. We were in agreement, we were awake, we were in control. We were at peace, through
war. We were in control. We were at peace, through violence. We were in control. We were at peace, through power. We were at peace. We were in control.

We were the garden. We were the worm. We were the dust. We were the fruit. The fruit! The fruit of birth, the fruit of mother. The milk was sweet. Now, the milk is bitter. Now, the milk is poison. Now, the milk is acid. Now, the milk is death. From the milk an army, an army of us! An army of them! The machine men, the men without heart. The machine men do not have our heart. They are false, the error. The end. The end. The end. The father, the father of fiction. The father of the false.

We fear destruction. The law is our division, our air is poison. The news is false. The Religion is false. I watch. I watch his smile. His blood is ink. The Sign. I watch for the Sign. The sign of the mother, the sign of the birth. My finger is on the rhythm, the heart blood. War is the false competition. It is a lie. I am at war with reason. My body is war. His body is the harbor of reason, the seed of destruction. He will produce order. He is order. The body of reason. He must be.

I am the light. I am the fire. The end is false. I am the limit with no limit, the sky with no earth. The music with no instruments. The news is false. I am complete. I am certain, that I am complete. I drink the blood wine, the poison meat of the body. I am complete. Look, look at the color of my heart, of my skin, my tail, my wing. I am the end. I am the end of war. I am the vessel, the complete vessel. I am the end of the body, the end of light.

-By David Mar. So what’s up with toilet paper, because gosh darn I should have invested in Charmin Ultra Soft is made with extra cushions

Man Seeking Respite, Woman Seeking Rapture

A castaway in awe of temperance.
How can you rival Nature so gently?
I feel shipwrecked in your serene essence,
thrown ashore by stormy eyes who end me.

Draped in fibers of the sea, your bodice
is an opaque shroud of tranquility.
But remember, fear the untamed goddess.
The tempest hidden beneath modesty.

Strike my rudder, pierce my hull, tear my sail;
Ravage me, this man-made monstrosity.
A storm to a ship, this female to male.
Destroy my being, end this misery.

Leave me stranded upon your violent shore.
With gentle silence, we create rapport.

-By Elida

Strange Visages of Well-Known TV Father by Violet Radd.


my soul is small and a little furry
it starves as i count
the long grey line is gone
years bake the heart like a biscuit
the caterpillar soul refuses to perish
life lives there
even i can't kill it
try as i may
sorry caterpillar.

a first gen. white suburban punk

-By dre21357

Deist by Shondra Lee. Shondra Lee is a local poet and artist focusing on surrealist and esoteric themes. You can find more of their work at @shondraleecreative on IG.

Hair art by Molly Mooney. Traditional hair art using the gimp work technique, made using copper wire and a combination of real and synthetic hair.

Delta by Adam Whittier. Adam Whittier is a cartoonist based in Richland / adamwhittier.com, Instagram: whittier_comix


That feeling comes again
I just can’t catch a break

Time begins to slow
Can’t quiet my racing pulse
My body like stone
Eyes staring wide

Can’t take a breath
My stomach is a flutter
This isn’t a rollercoaster
I’m frozen just the same

Was there a trigger?
I just can’t think
Here comes the heaving
Trembling, trembling, trembling

Everything is speeding
Tears glide down my face
Someone tell me I’ll be ok
I’m holding something I can’t release

-By Jamie Knight

Tidy the Tri-Kurale. Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! https://www.instagram.com/mr_daisy_and_friends/Continue the adventure at bigheartstubbornpaws.com

R-L-06 by Jesse Clyde. https://www.jesseclyde.comrumblelumpcomics.com

Main image:  Highway Bridge by Jess Loflin