I can put my grief aside,
tucked away in my heart
in elegant boxes
with perfectly tied satin ribbons.
But lately,
the world’s unrest,
humanity’s thoughtlessness and cruelty,
and the many lives lost
to illness, violence, and accidents,
all touch me so deeply
I cannot keep the grief at bay.
It rattles its way out of my soul,
clawing into my body and mind,
forcing itself upon me
even as I grapple to suppress it.
I yearn to release the primal scream
locked in the pit of my stomach and
allow its liberation
through my mouth and eyes.
And yet,
I tamp it down,
unable to bear the potential of its power.
I acknowledge these sensitivities
while assuring myself
I am not without hope and
well aware this immense apprehension will pass.

-By Kimberly Starr

Cartoon by Vince Bigos, and/or cardboard_robots on instagram


There is no map
No key
No cheat code
But those that find
And understand themselves
Unlock the God Level

-By Carlos Hu$tle


Drowning, drowning, drowning
I don’t want to be saved
Give me your sweet lips
Against you will I lay

This feeling overwhelms
Peering from below
Staring at your eyes
Is this bliss I’ve come to know?

Nothing felt so peaceful
I’ve forgotten all my woe
Giving up a life
From which I’d miss you so

The stories warned of a song
Of depths and sorrow
I enjoy the feeling of being here
Even if a spell you put me under

-By Jamie Knight

Cartoon by Adam Whittier. Adam Whittier is a cartoonist based in Richland /, Instagram: whittier_comix

R-L-04 by Jesse Clyde. here as this line drifting through

Lola Paints On Walls, by Heidi Elkington. Watercolor of my niece Lola.