Black skin is the brown and black coloring that glistens like the sunrise. Black skin is the disco ball, diamonds, and rhinestones that sparkle and shine in the atmosphere. Black skin is the brown flavoring that looks candy-coated and sugared, like sweets — as if it were a Twix, a Snickers, a Kit Kat, a Butterfinger, a Reese's cup, or a Hershey bar. Black skin is the textured treat, the sensation that is craved. Black skin is the freshness; it is the hydration that the thirsty world constantly searches for — like Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper, or iced tea.

Black skin is what the world loves; it makes everything better. It is the chocolate in their milk, the cinnamon in their yams, the brown sugar in their oatmeal, the caramel in their frappés, the syrup on their pancakes, the honey on their biscuits, and the black coffee they need each morning to wake. Black skin is what brings less blandness and dullness to the universe. Black skin is the cocoa butter that opens our pores. Black skin is the Vaseline, baby oil, tea tree oil, and Palmer’s that keeps our skin shining. Black skin is the smooth outer layer of our truest black selves. Black skin is the enchanting shield that brings community amongst our Black souls. Black skin is the bits of pieces that express our African and spiritual mindframes — the soul ties within our family tree and paper documents passed down from past generations — from our Grandmas and Grandpas, Aunties and Uncles. Black skin is how we know that we’re African Queens and Kings, engraved with gold, silver, wealth, and fortune.

Black hair is the nappiness that attaches to the wide tooth combs, afro hair picks, jumbo rake combs, paddle hair brushes, rat tail combs, and edge brushes — all the tools that detangle and battle through our dense curls. Black hair is the olive oil, Liv, Blue Magic, black castor oil, Murray’s, ECO Styler, Edge Booster, shea butter, and Cantu coconut oil that greases our dry scalps and moisturizes our buckshots, beady beads, and baby hairs. Black hair is the Tresemme, Cantu shea butter shampoo, and shea moisturizer that helps lessen our dandruff. Black hair is the cornrows, two chic braids, crochet twist, triangle braids, box braids, micro braids, faux locs, knotless braids, dookie braids, Bantu knots, passion twist, lemonade braids, and poetic justice braids that hold and protect our hair. Black hair is the clips-ins, sew-ins, frontals, tracks, bead hairstyles, and barrette hairstyles that give our hair more length and width. Black hair is the mastery and artfulness of our blackness that expresses who we are without saying a word. Black hair is the style and fashion that shapes the strands that grow from the roots of our scalps. Black hair is the jawdropper, the eye widener, the fascination.

Black love is the “Sweet Love” that Anita Baker sang about. Black love is the “Good Love” that Whitney Houston sang about. Black love feels like “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green. Black love makes you sing along with Whitney Houston: “Saving all my love for you,” and the Fugees: “Killing me softly with his song.” Black love gives you a black connection, like in the movie Love & Basketball. Black love gives you an unconditional bond, like in the movies Jason’s Lyric and Brown Sugar. Black love makes you head-over-heels and creates fireworks inside you like the movie Love Jones. It has you feeling like “Let’s Get It On” by Marivin Gaye, “At Last" by Etta James, or “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King.

Black love gives you a drive and passion to give your all to your Black partner. Black love makes you want to spend every second with your Black other half — spinning around in circles with one another, enjoying each other's love language, personality, touch, mindset, actions, responses, and gestures. It makes you fall deeper and deeper as every minute passes, as your Black souls commune with one another, never desiring to run away or search elsewhere. Black love means forever choosing him or her. It is feeling electricity when your hands touch or when your eyes meet. It is feeling amused by their humor, joyful by their smiles, soothed by their hugs, excited by their kisses, delighted by their gifts, charmed by their attributes and characteristics, motivated by their ambition and passion, captivated by their taste in music, food, lingo, style, traditions, and behaviors. All in all, Black love is being enthralled by your partner’s Queen- like or King-like aura.

Blackness itself is a gift from the heavens up above, from the highest sphere of the galaxy. Blackness is the blessing that our slave ancestors gave us. Blackness is the darkness that brings uniqueness to our light. Blackness brought crunkness and fashion amongst the people. Blackness is the fruit that makes things sweet and flavorful. Blackness is the red peppers that bring spice and heat to every occasion. Blackness is the water that flows through the world bringing life. Blackness is the bell that rings with power. Blackness is the fro that flares and sprouts out like a plant growing from soil as you begin to sprinkle it with water, then comb and fluff the ends. Blackness is the flashy jewelry and beautiful extended nails that stand out. Blackness is the loudness, swag, and funk that brings nourishment and excitement to our lives. The darkness of us is the chocolate and carmel aura that demonstrates our beauty. We are the black roses and black wildflowers, eye-catching and fierce, that leave behind a tantalizing scent. All in all, our Blackness is our most prized possession.

Black skin is beautiful. Black hair is beautiful. Black love is beautiful. Blackness is beautiful.

An image of a black woman with black hair, there are shadows being cast on their face.