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About the cover

Cover artist Felicia Follum:

Early on in the pandemic, I went through a few creative phases.
This crow and cage came about during my bird phase, during which I sketched and painted a lot of birds in different styles. Everything from sea bird skulls to an actual Pandemic Doctor costume.
There's somethign about quarantine and freedom and the crow that I find really beautiful but there is darkness that is quite visible too.

To see more of Felicia’s work, check out her instagram or website. You can also see her featured in last month's Tumbleweird Tri-Cities People profile.


Some of you will remember the Tri-Cities Daily / Tumbleweird election guide website from last year. We’ve been working hard on this year’s edition, which you can find at

We’ll have a larger more detailed guide for the general election. We’ll also be pulling in more local election-related news and updates in our Tri-Cities Daily newsletter. (You can sign up for that at if you’re not on the list.)

Last year, in moving our print dates and skipping one of our summer issues, we found that we had the extra time and ability to put even more effort into our general election guide. We are deeply committed to sustainability in everything we do at Tumbleweird, and so we’re taking the same approach this year.

We’re combining August and September issues. After that we’ll be back to our regular schedule and the October issue will ship in late September.

We truly couldn’t do what we’re doing right now without you. We appreciate your support and we are grateful for you continuing to support us as we focus the attention that would have gone into our September issue into creating the most comprehensive election guide for the local positions in our community.

If you’re interested in contributing to our election coverage and in building up our election guide, or if you have ideas or something you’d like to contribute to Tumbleweird, don’t hesitate to reach out!

We still have a lot more left to do on it, and we’ll be adding to it all the way through the general election.

You can subscribe to Tri-Cities Daily ( and we’ll keep you posted as we add more info to the guide.