spirit / Alicia Barrera.

Spirit In The Night

Wandering you go    
is that you? That glow? Roaming through night breeze.  Is it you I see rising up from the deep? Spirit in the night    
Is it you making your way through the midnight stray, in this beautiful dark and starry night?

I feel you're near    
I see you peep.  Spirit in the night, I hear you breathe LIKE whispers in the night. Taking the quiet out of the still and silent night. The sound of mystery you are. SPIRIT IN THE NIGHT    
What once was, but now just  a harmless soul or just one curious creature roaming through the night. Spirit in the night

- Alicia Barrera

dance hard / Cameron Mills. IG: @lifekissing

Blind Spot

God sees all
the ever was

Sees all the
ever will be

God cannot see
this present moment

Except through
the eyes of us


THIS-MACHINE / Jesse Clyde. Thank you so much for being here. I love you. jesseclyde.com
MISSING MONSTERS / Adam Whittier. www.adamwhittier.com


It’s Halloween night, and trick-or-treaters are out looking for a good scare. But this spooky house’s monsters are nowhere to be found! Make sure it stays haunted by drawing your own creepy characters in the windows!
-Adam Whittier


Colored, Withered, Wasting

I’m cold to the touch
Cracking too much
I was withering away

Ah until you came,
With your glowing heat wave
You brought all this way

I want to fix myself
Or be someone else
My only friend in the world
Help me to repair
Whatever’s left in there

Bring me eyes so that i may see
The rosy hue of the world you know
Maybe then I’ll feel the warmth
And perhaps get your cosy glow
And I can walk away from the cold in which i’ve grown

The pink inked woods
Have done no good
I still can’t feel my self

Perhaps it’s my bones
From which I sense a break
But I wouldn’t know, if I even have any

Am I trying to fix something that’s gone
I cannot be wrong
Help me build myself
Up from the cold hard ground

Please Bring me bones
So I won’t be broken
And then I can move from this hole
In which you’ve found me
And I can walk away from the cold in which I’ve grown

Something's not quite right
There's still a crack inside
Of me
Am I trying to create an artificial soul
Won't anything help to fix my broken heart

Bring me a heart that’s warm and beats
So I may feel blood flow in me
And make the trip through the cracks in these bones
And my tightened second-hand skin

Finally my body's complete
All thanks to you for helping me
But something is wrong
This blood won't last long
Before it all dries up

So thank you for seeing me through
But before this journey ends
Give me something that’ll prove
You truly are my friend

Ah, no more, I should have known
No wonder why my legs won't grow!
Bodies can’t move without a soul!
I’d feel much better if I had yours!


Facing Fire / Katie Baker. https://www.instagram.com/katiefromthepodcast/ for appointments and commissions. Katie Baker is a tattoo artist at Golden Skull Tattoo.


I know you know this, but sometimes you need a reminder.
Just you, as you are, all by yourself.
You don’t have to be anything different to be okay.
Take a break from struggling to live up to some other version of yourself…
Some other color of yourself… some other sound….
You are enough.

-Sara Quinn.

Voiced by Corey Jenkins Jr.

Hero / Vince Bigos, Cardboard-Robots.com and/or cardboard_robots on Instagram.
Icarus / Nattie. Wild artist/owner of Natties Novelties.