My Generation

My generation. The hippies. We put flowers in our hair and danced in sun. We imagined a world better than this one. But when the cold winds of Winter began to blow, we realized the world does not readily change. So we rode it out, and then we retired.

Perhaps making a world for ourselves wasn’t enough. Perhaps the world heard our wishes and has been making herself ready.

My friends. My generation. This is our time. Our time to make the world we imagined. Not for ourselves, but for forever.

For those of you still wondering how, I offer this; Listen to the music of our generation. Get your friends to sing along. Remember when we were We.

Peace and Love

-By Michael Rastovich

Clover Island by Becky Winter. Find Becky on Instagram.-

Main image: Ka' Ma, Justicar and Reaper (Metaverse Chronicles) by Courtney Simonds