There is a lot going on right now (as is the norm, lately) and it can all be so overwhelming. So let’s all take a break and settle in to get a small tarot reading done together.

To find your message intuitively, close your eyes and take a few centering breaths. Ask yourself to be drawn to the message (or messages) that are meant for you this month. When you open your eyes, read the message that corresponds to the image you are drawn to. If you just feel inclined to start reading a particular section, that is okay too! Remember that this is just the beginning. I recommend meditating or journaling about the message throughout the month to further connect with it.

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Card One

The Seven of Pentacles requires some trust. The example I often use to explain this card in readings is that it is like gardening. You will put in a lot of work, time, and money before you see a harvest. This is scary sometimes because you could do everything right and some weird weather can drastically impact what you get back, leaving you feeling a little at the mercy of fate. This is the feeling of not being able to control what you get out of your efforts, and that can be very unsettling.

This card delivers the message that you are doing enough, you are doing what you can, and you have to trust your ability to see this through. If something unexpected happens, it is not your fault and you will likely be able to adjust in a positive direction. Since this card is in the upright position, it typically indicates a positive outcome if you keep the right perspective and refrain from pressuring yourself into moving faster than you need to. Take things at the appropriate pace.

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Card Two

If you are drawn to this card, the Nine of Pentacles, then it is time to give yourself more credit for the work you have put in. This is a card of independence, success, and taking a moment to acknowledge all the work that has been done up to this point. In general, this is a rather positive card when it comes to goals, money, and career growth. There is an element of having broken through some past restrictions and being able to stand on your own a bit. However, since it is in the reversed position, there is a side to this message that I think gets lost or twisted. This month may be a good time to reflect on what your relationship with independence is.

Are you hard on yourself regarding where you are at right now? Even if you often tell others it is okay to ask for help and that 100% independence at all times is not sustainable, are you consistently remembering to apply that same message to yourself? I emphasize this because as a card about independence and self-sufficiency, when viewed through the societal norm we are accustomed to, we may lose sight of the fact that it will look different for every one of us. Nobody is meant to be 100% on their own at all times; and for some of us, self-reliance is nearly impossible with the resources and support available. It is because of this that the focus this month needs to be to see yourself and the work you have done as already enough to be valued and respected.

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Card Three

The Three of Cups is a card of emotional support and community. It is in the upright position, which indicates a positive time for your closest relationships. The cups are ruled by emotions, so these are potentially deep and loving connections that can fuel the soul. Working together for a common goal will typically go well for now, if it is a goal that comes from the heart and honors everyone’s unique contributions. It is also important to be a bit more vulnerable and open emotionally at this time, and be open to receiving support.

Connect with friends and family of spirit right now. As life gets busy, it is very easy to become disconnected and to forget to deepen and tend to the connections around you, or even take your relationships for granted, thinking they will always be there. This month for you is about community and working together, so make an effort to prioritize your important relationships. It is a time to receive support and give support in a balanced way and collaborate from an inspired place. This can be a very fulfilling time, so lean into it!

Jae Melland is a tarot, palm, and rune reader serving the Tri-Cities. You can schedule a reading with Jae by visiting or emailing her at