My husband, LJ, as the Public Works Director for the City of Prosser, often took Tom and me on rounds in his personal vehicle during snowstorms. We would order drive-through hot cocoa and spend hours checking the road clearing progress. These are very happy memories for me as there was lots of laughter and easy conversation. LJ retired from the position a few years ago.

Tonight, we are in the middle of a good sized winter snowstorm, so I asked LJ at least four times, only half jokingly, if he needed to do rounds. Each time he chuckled a bit, and said no.

Before heading to bed, we opened the front door to peek out at the Winter Wonderland, and there was a single footprint on the top stoop. We each assumed it belonged to the other until we talked about it and realized it did not. Looking back at the 7:47 PM time stamped security camera footage, which is activated by both sound and movement, we see an empty snow covered front stoop. At 7:52 PM, an unmistakable footprint is present. There are no camera activations between those two times, during which we were both involved in an online Princess Theatre board meeting.

I choose to believe Tom visited us in hopes of encouraging us to take a snowy adventure together.

LJ promised me we would get hot cocoa in the morning. He kept his promise.

Hello, Tom. 💛