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Happy Fall! I hope the season is treating you well and that you are ready for another tarot pick-a-card reading. Fall is all about assessing our harvests and beginning the process of turning inward. For this reading, take a few deep breaths and focus on what you need to know as you make this transition. When you feel ready, allow yourself to be drawn to the message that is meant for you below. It is perfectly fine if you feel that more than one applies to you, and as always, these readings are just the beginning. Follow up with mindful reflection in whatever way works for you and let the information flow!

An image of a regal figure, perhaps a king, sitting on his throne.

Card One: The Emperor, reversed

If you were drawn to this card, you have some influences and patterns you need to separate yourself from. The Emperor in the reversed position flips our usual messages of structure, support, and sustainability into things like control, limitation, and confinement. This comes up when you have gotten too comfortable with the way things are, even if you know that the status quo isn’t good for you. You may be prone to controlling your environment, which can sometimes lead to falling under someone else’s control, because it becomes what you know.

Now is the time to examine where you are being limited. Where are you holding back in your life because opening up fully wouldn’t be supported? Whether it is in a relationship, career, friendship, or any other situation, start giving your time and energy to yourself and focus on heading in a more liberating direction. On an internal personal level, you may also be called to overhaul your own relationship with control, and you’ll need to seek a new way of grounding yourself. Get out of your comfort zone and be more flexible to the bigger changes being asked of you.

An image of seven wands all lit up with different color magic.

Card Two: Seven of Wands

You have been meeting challenge after challenge lately after you committed to a new path that you were sure was right for you. But now, you may be starting to have doubts. The thing is, these challenges are not meant to discourage you! The card that came forward for you, the Seven of Wands, is about standing your ground and proving to yourself that this is something you want. This is when you want to make sure your voice is being heard, your integrity is being respected, and you are nurturing your self-worth.

Be mindful before you decide to give up, and be certain it is for the right reasons. You may need to dig your heels in more and work those new skills you have been shaping. This is the moment to take what you have built and see if it can withstand some test runs! It is okay if some of this results in ‘failures’ because it is all about teaching you how you need to adapt and overcome in the next wave. These challenges won’t be continuing for too much longer, and you can rely on yourself during this time. You are doing so much better than you think you are!

An image of a man sitting leaning against a tree in the air holding onto only a rope for stability.

Card Three: The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man card is about pausing and reflecting. Some areas in your life may be feeling stuck — maybe you’re not making progress toward your goals, or you are having a vague feeling of needing to know something, but aren’t sure exactly what it is. This card is all about the wait, and the growth that happens during it. This waiting time is not wasted; you are receiving a lot of information that is meant to help propel you into the next phase — and it will, if you use this moment to your advantage. This card is like when you desperately look for your keys, only to find them right after you give up, right where you’ve looked a million times.

Despite how it may feel, this is the time to take less action. Lean into your observational skills and take notes, but wait. If you have been feeling restless and like you are supposed to be doing or seeking something, the answer is coming to you once you stop looking. Once everything settles, you will be seeing things clearly and know exactly what to do if you use this time to watch and listen. Sometimes it is best to wait and see and move forward when the time is right. Don’t fight this, lean into it!

Jae Melland is a tarot, palm, and rune reader serving the Tri-Cities. You can schedule a reading with Jae by visiting or go to her walk-in readings at Luna Apothecary in Pasco. Instagram: @seidr_whispers