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As many of you know I am pretty active in the local Walla Walla community. I have enjoyed seeing some of the amazing work that people are doing every day and been inspired in my own work. During this winter season, many nonprofits are asking for support financially. Many of these organizations can use physical support, too, at events or during everyday activities.

Below, I have listed some of the organizations that I care deeply about and wish to see thrive because of the services they provide. I know that there are other outstanding people doing amazing work, too, and I hope in the coming year to learn more about those. But this year, these are the organizations that have my heart; and even if a monetary contribution is outside of your abilities, I do ask that you spend some time following the links and learning more about them.

Thank you for your support of those around you everyday. I wish you a happy, restful, and soul filling winter time and an incredible 2024.

In no particular order:

Running Waters Equity Fund

Valley Giving Guide

"We firmly believe there is an ongoing need to reflectively evaluate and actively address systemic inequities, which disproportionately impact racialized groups and other traditionally marginalized communities."

Running waters in an incredible organization that brings people together to learn, support, and celebrate in the Walla Walla Valley. This last fall, I had the wonderful honor of leading a workshop at their Connections Conference and educating about community healing and forward movement. I look forward to the incredible work that 2024 will bring.

The STAR Project

Holiday Giving Drive

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For those of you who are not aware, in 2022, I started teaching at the Washington State Penitentiary. This has been an earth shattering and soul filling transition that has taught me so much about myself, and more importantly, others. People deserve to be allowed space to change and do better. Upon release, The STAR Project does just that. The link above will take you to a longer blurb with more thoughts.

Walla Walla Summer Theater

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Being part of the Walla Walla Summer Theater team this year has been a wonderful learning experience, and I am thrilled to learn and grow even more in this upcoming year. We have some great opportunities for everyone — young, old, and somewhere in the middle. In January, we have classes for kids and adults. February, there will be auditions for the summer show: Beauty and the Beast. March will bring even more.  Keep an eye on the socials and website to stay current.

Blue Mountain Heart to Heart

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"Blue Mountain Heart to Heart helps stigmatized patient populations in a 6,000-square mile area in Southeast Washington State."

Becoming an adult has been learning that more people use drugs than I thought. So Narcan is carried in our cars. I was thankful to be able to go to Blue Mountain Heart to Heart to pick up this life saving tool and learn more about their services in the community. They help with drug testing, clean needles, mental health services, drug treatment, and other things. To heal our community, we need to lead with care. This organization does that!

Walla Walla Alliance For The Homeless

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"Our mission is to help create stability, self-reliance, and a network of both immediate and long-term support services to assist people exiting homelessness."

People can be houseless for a range of different reasons; it is our duty as a community to help. The Walla Walla Alliance for the Homeless offers an enclosed sleeping area, a hot meal, hot showers, and a range of other things. They have paired with other groups to provide dental and medical access. Supporting them supports those who need a spot to pick themselves up and start again.