Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Dear Editor:

The [October] issue is so amazing, so authentic, and so mature.  By mature, I mean way beyond the typical alt publication. 
First, I love the cover and want to be her.
Second, the editor celebrates a bullet dodged in Dayton, with a warning.  NB: the editor is the best ever. 
Somehow the content seems both expanded and deepened. I really appreciate the links to Taylored Living and other community organizations.  Especially appreciate space given to the Tri-Cities International Film Festival. If you have a way to acknowledge Nat Saenz at some point, the community is in his debt.
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for Dori’s article.  She truly is a community advocate and she is not afraid.  Her mix of solid information and personal commitment is outstanding.
Steve Woolfolk is one of my heroes and wicked smart.
Sara, I could comment on each ad and article, but will spare you.  The art and poetry make my brain happy.  I’m not sure why this issue seems so complete, but I thank you.

Ann Roseberry
Consulting Librarian