You’re driving alone on the dark road at night, not a thing in sight besides the pavement in front and trees around you. The only light is coming from your headlights.

Suddenly, the radio goes static, your favorite song turned into an almost ear-ringing static white noise. 

You turn off the radio; it seems better to sit in silence than have the radio hurting your head. 

Suddenly, in the distance you can see a faint white figure down on the road but are unsure if it is just your eyes playing tricks on you because you're tired, or if something is actually there.

The figure suddenly vanishes. Was it a ghost, perhaps? 

You shake your head a little bit and continue driving, coming to the conclusion that you are just tired. 

After another hour of driving you begin to suspect you aren't going the right direction. You should have been back in town by now.

You slow the car to a complete stop and step out of the vehicle to get a look around, walking in front of the car and facing the hood, your headlights the only source of brightness, still. 

Suddenly you hear a voice behind you, clearing its throat, and you quickly turn your body to look.

A large white deer stands on the road, its eyes looking lifeless — no shine, even with your headlights pointed right at it.

The deer's hide has a slight blue hue to it, and it stares into your eyes. 

The deer does not open its mouth but somehow, it speaks: 

"You do not belong here, do you?" 

The question causes your mind to panic. Where are you? Who is this? What is this? What's happening? 

Suddenly... your vision goes black, and a few moments later, you awake in your bed, realizing it was all just a dream. 

You wipe the sweat from your forehead and look towards your window, feeling drawn to peer outside. 

It's still dark, the moon in view. But a dark cloud soon obstructs your view of the grayish-white globe and your eyes are drawn to the ground. 

A large white deer stands there, looking into your eyes. And though its mouth does not open, it speaks. 

"You do not belong…"

Hero image by Philipp Pilz on Unsplash