People's Choice Award: ”The Three Women Musicians“ by Arpa Mukhopadhyay

Saul Martinez Award: "Reflection Hexaptych" by Bihan Das

The Lander Award: ”Portal i“ by Brittany Archibald

The Lander Award: ”Self Revealed“ by Saul Martinez

Malura Bricker Award and The Lander Award: ”Rock Bottom Blue“ by Tami Nelson

The Discover Dopeness Award: ”La Clausura de la identidad Femme“ By Adrian Valencia aka Villaine

The Numerica Award: ”Not Like the Start“ by Silvia Osterloh

People’s Choice Award: “Perspective” by Jeny Anne

The entire virtual gallery, as well as exclusive interviews with several featured artists can be viewed here.

Main image: “Perspective” by Jeny Anne