I Don’t Know About You, But I’m in the Mood For Chicken Nuggets,
Dinosaur Variety

My body is a blank canvas
And your world is colorful
Composed of vibrant hues
That splash against my skin

My canvas is painted over
And over and over and over
Layers of parchment stretched
And broken, sloppily reframed

The pastel mixes with watercolor
Light and dark blending together
Seamless and unafraid, no longer
Strangers to their own strangeness

I clash harmoniously and perfectly
Every inch of my body is covered
With leaded gasoline and petrol
When I burn the smoke will be a

Rainbow, noxious and ethereal
A ritual performed over many years
My canvas should be cremated
So that the retort is painted

From the inside, let me leave
A mark, all I want is to leave
A memory that says that I was
Here, and happy, and free

-Vdadi Arm
I wish we could see more stars from the Tri-Cities. I suggest an immediate end to all unnatural forms of light past 8 p.m.

A Computer Walks Home Alone by Jesse Clyde. A cloud drifting in and out of existence. jesseclyde.com

I Would Die for Clair From the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen

Dim glow emitting from a cracked screen
Effusing warmth, permeating the air
Bon Appétit released a new video
I would genuinely die for Claire
You know how the rest goes
More or less, I'm sure you understand
There's so much there to be seen
So many nothings to be made somethings
Is that a new tik tok compilation?
Surely my time can't be used any better
There's as much meaning in this
As there is in anything else I won't do
Empty promises made by empty people
I told myself I was moving forward
Like a river flowing from the mountain
down, down, towards the boundless waters
I was to be the stream, become the ocean
And all I do is watch YouTube

-David Mar
If Gourmet Makes doesn't get an Emmy I'll throw hands with Hollywood, facts.

By Adam Whittier