Forever the Sands

By Robert Mathison

So, when rainbows in the rain
Treasures in the sand
So, when wishers on a dock
Less the risk
So, when boats between the waves
Adventures in a dream
Romantics know that story
Over yonder is a path
Filled with temptations
But full of promise
So, kick the sand, walk in hand
Bride is in the fashion
Time is in the new
Love is in the wind
Catch a glimpse
Remember when
That spark that lights the flame
Delivers the heart
So that I shall always see
That our passions of age
A testament to endure
Because you’re the jewel of my journey
From a simpler time
So, we toast the wine
Smell the rose
Kick the sand
Forever we walk in hand

Painted flowers / Nancy Peterson

I’m a writer, unfortunately

By Sarah Avenir

i'm a writer, unfortunately
not the kind who turns words into palaces,
but the kind who needs them
like tap water,
who collects them in rain barrels,
who drinks them and pours them
on the front lawn
creating muddy rivers by accident
enjoying the way they feel
down the throat
between the toes

MAIN IMAGE: My Boy, Goodness /Jesse Clyde