Black and white photo of an older woman with glasses and checkered dress standing on stage reading
Alima Ravadi Quinn / Photo by Fatman Concert Photos.


I am very fragile like a child.
I can only take one step at a time.
Do not push me or pull me.
Encourage me if you can; if you can’t,
Just love me.

I am very new to the world.
When I am lost and ask for help
Don’t tell me what I should have done.
Help me if you can; if you can’t,
Just love me.

My emotions are my birthright,
So I may experience my human limitation.
When I am in fear or in pain,
Hold me or listen to me if you can; if you can’t,
Just love me.

Innocence is my divine nature,
When I enjoy what I like and what I do,
Don’t interrupt and take it away from me.
If you do, both of us will need to be healed.
Just loving me is not enough.

—Alima Ravadi Quinn

Voiced by Garrick Rogers.


Hey! Hey, you.
Don’t cry. I’m okay.
Yes, of course I forgive you.
I’ll be alright.
Don’t worry about me.
It’s honestly fine.
I know your intent wasn’t to hurt me.
It’s time for both of us
to move on from this.

—By Sara Quinn and Garrick Rogers

RUMBLE LUMP COMICS: THIS MACHINE III / Jesse Clyde. thank you and I love you

spreading atoll

my house is raised
above the street
like a small island,
a concrete wall
keeps my yard
from sliding onto the
skillet below

in my yard I welcome
all the fecund and feral

judas tree, mint, bamboo,
locust, cherry tomato,
trumpet vine, ivy,
wisteria, lacebark elm,
tree of heaven

my neighbors and I
sing so long
and so beautifully
that we spread over the wall
across the street
cracking the concrete
soaking up the rain

—Isaac Lewis

Painting of a colorful, pink fish
Fish / Alexa Wilt.

Painting of side view of a zebra with colorful unicorn horn and a crystal geode for an eye
Crystal Zebracorn / Sissy Miller. Sissy Miller is a local artist and writer who loves to paint and draw animals. Redbubble, IG: @frostedsosweet.