The Travling Mouse / Grace Calibo

THIS-MACHINE-AGAIN / (audio) Jesse Clyde.
THIS-MACHINE-AGAIN / Jesse Clyde. Thank you for being here.

demara the bull

some people, the spruce set,
collect their skills mise en place
ensuring each is even,
flavors balanced,
texture uniform

I pour myself ——— jeroboam
into many glasses:
Come, taste my quantity!

Isaac Lewis

Lady Grace / Alicia.

Lady Grace

You’re fierce, like a lightning bolt. Your spirit like a swarm of wild butterflies full of beauty and color!  Personality sassy and so magnetic. You are “Lady Grace”.

Your soul is soothing like honey. The touch of your hands so soft like velvet rose petals, yet strong, and bold like a lioness that will weather any storm.

Your glow is like a beautiful ball of sunshine that is forever so golden, happy, and free!

And like that perfect flawless flower bloom.

You  are ♡Lady Grace♡


Traveling Companions / Meg James. Meg James is a queer fantasy and furry artist from Kennewick /


We didn’t bring you here to suffer
We brought you here to be loved

We loved each other so fiercely
We decided to make you, little Sophie, so we could love the best parts of ourselves again

I thought I knew love. I did know it, just a completely different kind
Then you were conceived
And I loved you long before I ever saw your face
Just as you grew inside me from the smallest of germinating seeds
A love was planted in me as well
Your whole magical being, delivered through me as a vessel.
I've known no greater miracle.

This miracle is not lessened by the fact it happens to most every mother
But rather proof that miracles are a commonplace part of life
Evidence of Creation's love.

So you see I did not bring you here to suffer
How else could you experience the beauty of life's many facets
In all their greatness and perceived difficulties?
I hope you can see, as I see, how temporary this all is in the scheme of eternity? though
Life is perhaps the only heaven we will ever know.

As you grow and Become your self
My spirit is gaining new light
My sweet child, you have no idea how you have enlightened me
In your perfect innocence and simplicity And your pure thoughtlessly given love for your mommy

You don’t have to try to wonder what love is
You are not yet troubled by the thoughts that eventually seem to trouble us all
You know what love is in your very soul
And bring it to me from that well that has no bottom
You show it without ever questioning how(?)

Becka S.

TreeMan / Heidi Elkington


our mockery of justice

that is our simple existence

but justice is held in the hand

of a fascist racist man.

and upheld by pigs

who oink when they win

and gov’t that exists,
to exploit their weak

rather than help and grow.

they keep us below

the poverty line

to starve and die

but they sell us
the american dream

but give us no means,
to ever achieve.

and make everyone believe we made this choice when we were never given the chance to grow and our weakness is oppression

because how are we supposed to fight our suppression when we’re purposely kept tired and helpless and our fight for our rights is viewed as riots.

but as it’s been said before,
riots are language
of the unheard.

celeste sylvester. Instagram: seasons_of_saturn