Wherearethewomenartists.com has a database of women and nonbinary artists.

Check out these awesome local artists!

Angela Harper

Anne Greenwell

Ashleigh Rogers

Ayleen Wood

Brittany Archibald

Bunneah Munkeah

Consuelo Soto Murphy

Denise Algood

Emily Richman

Felicia Follum

Ginger Wireman

Grace Calibo

Heather Willhouby

Heidi Elkington

Holly Zepeda

Judith Loomis

Kathryn Mills

M Hopp

Madison Rosenbaum

Maggie Kosmatka

Melanie Bricker

Mulatto Rose

Phinney Brown

Rebecca Merkely

Sara Quinn

Shannan Julson

Tami Nelson

Yu-Heng dade

If you know someone who should be on this list, email sara@tumbleweird.org!