The Tri-Cities, often unfairly tagged as a region with ‘nothing to do’, is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. While some residents might seek such hidden gems in Leavenworth, Walla Walla, or their favorite indie spots in Seattle, the truth is that the Tri-Cities has as much to offer as any other place. As we step into 2024, consider making a resolution that not only enriches your life but also uplifts the local community — attending local concerts. Here are three compelling reasons why embracing the local music scene should be your top priority for the coming year.


Attending local concerts isn't just about enjoying music; it's an investment in the economic growth of the Tri-Cities. When you buy tickets, indulge in nearby restaurants, purchase show merchandise, or tip your bartender, you're directly contributing to the local economy. The financial ripple effect of these actions extends beyond the music venues, benefiting a myriad of local businesses.

According to the Oxford Department of Economics, in 2019, the music industry's nationwide economic impact was $132.6 billion, supporting 913,000 jobs and associated labor income of approximately $42.2 billion. In Washington, $2.5 billion in total economic impact was generated, along with 19,987 jobs and $142 million in tax revenue. As a full-time music industry professional, I can attest that only a fraction of those jobs existed in the Tri-Cities in 2019. However, as an individual, you have the power to change that.

Imagine the collective impact of concertgoers patronizing establishments before and after shows. From small cafes to boutique shops, the economic boost can be substantial. More importantly, investing in local businesses fosters a sense of community and ensures that the money you spend stays within the neighborhood, ultimately supporting local jobs and enterprises.

In the Tri-Cities, where every dollar spent locally counts, attending concerts becomes a meaningful way to contribute to the economic vitality of the community. While the music plays, you're actively participating in a cycle that fuels local businesses and ensures the sustainability of the area.


Contrary to the perception of a lack of entertainment options, the Tri-Cities boasts a thriving cultural scene, especially in live music. Venues like The Emerald of Siam and Ray's Golden Lion consistently host over 600 events annually, with the majority being live music performances. This wealth of entertainment options shatters the misconception that there's ‘nothing to do’ in the Tri-Cities.

Whether you're into indie rock, jazz, or electronic beats, these local venues cater to a diverse range of musical tastes. The rich tapestry of events ensures that there's always something happening, providing an antidote to the notion of a dull or uneventful Tri-Cities. Aside from Ray’s and The Emerald, our city boasts hundreds of live performances at wineries, breweries, the Toyota Center, local theaters, and more. There are well over 1,000 opportunities to see live music in the Tri-Cities per year; you just have to find them!

Dive into the vibrant cultural scene that the Tri-Cities has to offer. Beyond the well-known venues, hidden gems await discovery in the form of local artists performing in unique settings. Whether it's an acoustic set at a cozy winery or an experimental ensemble at a local brewery, the variety of events ensures that your calendar can be filled with diverse musical experiences throughout the year.


The Tri-Cities has already given birth to notable figures like Olympic Gold Medalist Hope Solo, but when it comes to the music scene, the potential for global talent is vast. Every major artist had to start somewhere, and many began their musical journeys in local scenes just like the Tri-Cities. By attending local concerts, you're not merely enjoying the music; you're witnessing and fostering the birth of potential stars. The intimate settings of local venues create a unique atmosphere where emerging artists can connect with their audiences on a personal level.

The Tri-Cities has the potential to be a launchpad for future musical sensations, and by being part of the local concert scene, you contribute to the growth and recognition of these budding talents. It's a chance to say, “I saw them when…” and to play a role in the narrative of an artist's ascent to stardom. In essence, attending local concerts is not just about entertainment; it's about being a patron of the arts and fostering the next generation of musical luminaries.

Supporting local artists means more than just enjoying their performances; it means actively participating in the creation of a vibrant artistic community. the Tri-Cities could be the incubator for the next chart-topping artist, and your attendance at local concerts becomes a crucial part of that journey.

As we embark on a new year, consider making a resolution that goes beyond personal development — resolve to immerse yourself in the local concert scene of the Tri-Cities. By doing so, you're not only enhancing your own cultural experiences but also actively contributing to the economic vitality of the community and supporting the growth of local artists. The Tri-Cities is brimming with potential, and attending local concerts is the key to unlocking the hidden treasures within this vibrant and dynamic region.

In your journey through the diverse sounds of the Tri-Cities, you're not just an observer; you're an active participant in the ongoing narrative of a community that thrives on creativity, diversity, and the universal language of music. Let your New Year's resolution resonate not just in notes and melodies but in the heartbeat of a community brought to life by the power of local concerts.